Parents Plus service

Who are Parents Plus?

We are a team, led by an Educational Psychologist, who deliver short term (around 10 weeks) parenting support within the home.

The Educational Psychologists within the team have specialist training in how children think, feel, behave and develop.

The Home Liaison Officers within the team have training in child development, counselling and psychology and have lots of experience of working with caregivers and young children.

The Home Liaison Officers receive ongoing supervision and training from the Educational Psychologists in the team to make sure our work is informed by psychology and the latest evidence.

Why Parents Plus might work with you?

Caring for a young child can be wonderful. It can also be tricky and stressful at times.

There are many different reasons why we might become involved with you and your child. The three main reasons  are to help you with:

Your relationship with your child.

Your child’s behaviour.

Your child’s development and routines within the home e.g., sleeping, eating, toileting, etc.

How Parents Plus will work with you as a family?

We can work with anyone who is in a parenting role; mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster carers, etc.

If you agree to work with us we start by visiting or calling you at home. This is a chance for you to find out more about us and for us to find out more about you.

You can tell us about your current situation and about the changes you would like to make. We can then agree together on what the focus of our work will be.

We will then visit, or call you, once a week, for about an hour each session, for around 10 weeks, to work with you and your child towards these changes.

We can link with other people who are working with you and your child.

We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire, before and after our work with you and your child.