Parents Plus service

What is Parents Plus?

Parents Plus is a psychology-led parenting service for children under 4 years of age and their families.

An initial assessment of the child’s progress, their behaviour and the family situation is made. The child’s behaviour is understood within the context of the family and objectives are agreed with the parents. Interventions usually last for 10 – 15 weeks.

What is involved in an intervention?

An Early Years Home Liaison Officer [HLO] visits the home weekly. They support the parents in achieving the agreed objectives, such as encouraging the child to play nicely, establishing a better bedtime routine or planning how to cope with tantrums.

The process incorporates well-evidenced parenting programmes and strategies. Fresh ideas are offered to encourage learning through play, to promote good social interactions and to offer positive behaviour management strategies. The child has usually been referred because of concerns about their behaviour. However, it is through the parent’s understanding and their actions that any real change will take place. Parents are helped to personalise the techniques for their own family situation.

We encourage positive interactions and promote secure attachments between child and parent. We help the parent to tune-in to their child’s needs to understand them better. Information is provided about their child’s development and behaviour, so that parents recognise what is “normal” at this age.

Early intervention is useful for improving a child’s progress and their well-being. By getting in early, we can prevent small problems from getting bigger and we can avoid greater levels of help being needed later on. Parents find this approach interesting, respectful and useful.


Ten things our toddlers would tell us if they could!

  1. Give me lots of hugs, kisses and praise so I know you love me
  2. Don’t lose your temper and shout at me or hurt me
  3. Show me how to do things and model how you’d like me to behave. Then I can copy you and be like you.
  4. Set fair rules and boundaries. I feel safer when I know where the limits are.
  5. Tune in & listen to me so I can let you know if i’m sad or afraid.
  6. Talk to me so I can understand words and then I will use them later on.
  7. Don’t always give in to my demands. It won’t please me. I won’t be grateful. And I’ll simply demand more.
  8. Take me outside to play in all weathers. Encourage me to join in playing with other children and to make friends.
  9. Tell me when I have pleased you so I can repeat what I did.
  10. Let’s do lots of interesting and fun things together. I much prefer your time to getting a new toy. When I’m older I’ll have lots of wonderful memories.

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