Speech and Language Team

Supporting children’s language and communication development is a core aim of the Flying Start project.

The importance of targeting and identifying children who are having difficulties as early as possible is well evidenced. As is research into brain development which has shown that the first three years of a child’s life are crucial to the development of good language & communication skills.

In  Flying Start areas children who might be having speech and/or language difficulties are identified as soon as possible in order that the team can provide the most appropriate support as early as possible.

What do the Speech & Language Team do?

Provide general communication support for all children.

Ensure that other members of the Flying Start team are able to identify and support children’s speech, language and communication difficulties.

Provide parents/carers with specific and practical strategies to develop children’s language through play.

Provide child care providers with training to support the identification of speech & language concerns and to develop their skills using specific and practical strategies to create a language learning environment.

Develop a service that will provide a needs–led individualised programme for children about whom there is a speech, language or communication concern.

Speech and Language session