Additional Needs in Flying Start

Many children have additional needs or require a little extra help from time to time, especially when they are very young. Flying Start childcare settings are supported to understand and respond to children’s needs using a graduated response.

Some children need a little support and some will require ongoing support and long term intervention to ensure they can be successfully included and have the best opportunity to reach their potential.

Each childcare setting has a designated ANCo (Additional Needs Coordinator) who is responsible for identifying and monitoring the development of children with additional needs and liaising with parents/carers.

All Flying Start staff follow our Pathway Manual for Children with Additional Needs. This explains the different levels of support and intervention as part of a coordinated, graduated response. The different stages are briefly explained below:

1. Early Years Action

The ANCo in liaison with the Key Worker collects information to assess a child’s needs and put into place a plan called Goals for Action. This will be shared with parents/carers and it will be reviewed at least every 4 – 6 weeks.

2. Early Years Action Plus

If there are continued concerns about the progress and development of a child then the ANCo may wish to ask permission to seek further advice from other support agencies e.g. Health Visitor, Early Years Inclusion Team, Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist or Paediatrician.
The ANCO will write an Early Identification Plan in conjunction with the parents/carers and other professionals involved with the child. It will be reviewed every 4 -6 weeks.

3. Additional Support

Most children attending childcare will benefit from a mixture of individualised input, engagement within small groups and being part of a whole setting. In order for a child to access the setting and some may benefit from additional support. Settings and/or Health Visitor will need to follow the set protocol to apply for additional support to meet the intensive and/or specific input that a child with an exceptional level of additional need may require.
Flying Start is committed to an inclusion approach and early identification of children with additional needs

Child playing in a sand pit as part of our additional needs support

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