Parent Nurturing Programme

Children are rewarding, stimulating and fun, but looking after them can be stressful and challenging. Come and meet new people during our Parent Nurturing sessions and share your experiences of being a parent!

Take away tips and strategies on managing your child’s behaviour, and handling feelings and relationships.A free crèche is provided by the Flying Start Play Team for parents attending the programme. The team have trained to deliver the Nurturing Programme and will provide a fun, caring and stimulating environment for your child.

The Nurturing Programme is made up of 2-hourly sessions that run once a week for 10 weeks. It is about helping you to get the best out of family life, helping to keep things calm and taking away some of the difficulties, hard work and frustration that comes with living together as a family.

Getting the best out of family life.

The Nurturing Programme gives ideas on how to build on what’s already being done, and how to get the best out of relationships – with children and other adults. The programme encourages parents to look after themselves and have fun as a family. It’s a guide to achieving a relatively trouble free family life most of the time – and it can also help make it more survivable when the going gets tough!

Every week encourages you to “have a go” at new ideas and see for yourself the difference small changes can make.

What parents say

  • ‘I wake up feeling happy and try to stay positive’
  • ‘We are a lot closer as a family and my partner and I talk a lot more’
  • ‘We are happier and play together a lot more – we are building pleasant memories’
  • ‘The family atmosphere is calmer – a lot less shouting and more talking!’
  • ‘I enjoyed learning how to relax – it’s useful for when I get stressed out!’
Parent Nurturing

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