Language and Play Programme

Provides parents with practical tips and ideas to develop children’s language through a range of fun and interactive programmes of work.

‘Your Baby is Amazing’ is a 4 week programme for babies from birth to 6 months.

This focuses on bonding and attachment, tuning into your baby and the importance of being face to face and talking to your baby.

Baby Language and Play (Baby LAP) – 6 week programme for babies from 7 to 14 months.

This builds on messages and activities from ‘Your Baby is Amazing’ programme. It also introduces a variety of treasure baskets; messy/food/water play.

Language and Play (LAP) – 6 week programme for children from 15 months to 3 years 11 months (baby siblings also welcome).

The offers a variety of play activities to develop language skills and interaction between parent and child.

Number and Play (NAP) – 5 week programme for children aged 3 years.

This offers ideas and suggestions for having fun with numbers where children learn best through playing and doing. Numberfun is so much more than just counting – it’s part of everyday life.
All of the Language and Play programmes are based around the following themes for parents and children to enjoy together:

The Importance of Talking:

Each week you will have a warm welcome and an opportunity to play with your child with a variety of activities, learning about the importance of talking as you play together everyday.

Everyday Routines:

Routines can be enjoyable and we will show you how by having lots of fun together at the same time.

Out and About:

Having fun out and about helps children learn about the world around them. Cardiff is a fantastic place to explore together with your child.

Sharing Books and Stories:

It is never too young to share a book with your child. Come and make story telling an important and fun part of your child’s day.

Enjoying Rhymes and Songs:

Singing songs and rhymes develops listening skills, language, memory, number skills, develops co-ordination, rhythm and cultural awareness. But best of all its fun and free!

Making Marks – ‘The Beginning of Writing’:

Learning to write is more than just making marks! Is your child physically ready for writing? Come and find out how you can develop your child’s muscles in preparation for school.

A Language and Play session
“Talk with me, play with me, sing with me, read with me, then I’ll know what it’s all about.”

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